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Strategies to Help a Loved One Cope with MS

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic autoimmune disease that affects the brain and spinal cord. In addition to arranging home care and non-medical transportation, there are other ways to support a loved one diagnosed with MS.

As a leading Medicaid home care provider, we will share strategies to help your loved one cope with multiple sclerosis:

  • Know more about MS.
    Learning more about MS will give you a better understanding of the symptoms and changes felt by the patient. While you may not fully understand what they are going through, putting in the effort makes a huge difference and will allow you to provide better support.
  • Offer help when needed.
    For seniors with MS, it can be a struggle to accomplish daily tasks. However, MS affects people on various levels. Hence, it’s best to ask your loved one first if they need help. Do not jump in and offer assistance unless they appear to be at risk of getting injured.
  • Address any sleep issues.
    A common effect of MS is sleep issues like insomnia, leg spasms, and narcolepsy. This leads to reduced cognitive function and affects the person’s ability to cope. In addition to arranging senior care, your loved one’s healthcare provider can address sleep issues.
  • Encourage a healthy lifestyle.
    Encourage your loved one to exercise and eat healthy. This will improve their quality of life and help manage their symptoms. Water exercises, yoga, and adaptive tai chi are excellent exercise options for seniors with MS.

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