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Tips for a Successful Stroke Recovery

A transient ischemic attack occurs when the blood supply to the brain is reduced or blocked. More commonly referred to as a stroke, rehabilitation is required for recovery. However, the duration of rehabilitation depends on the severity of the stroke. In addition to rehabilitation, there are steps that aging adults can do to promote a smooth recovery.

As a veteran care provider, we have gathered tips to increase the chance of a successful recovery from stroke:

  • Get adequate rest and sleep.
    Poor sleep can slow down the recovery process for seniors who experienced a stroke. Rest and good-quality sleep are vital to promoting healing. Restless nights can cause drowsiness during the day, lower energy levels, and decreased physical activity.
  • Commit to a balanced diet.
    A balanced and nutritious diet increases neurogenesis to compensate for the stroke-induced deficits that seniors experienced. Non-medical home care providers can help seniors prepare healthy meals to prevent obesity and strengthen brain health.
  • Avoid overdoing physical activity.
    Although exercise is crucial to increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain, overexertion can cause injuries that slow down the stroke recovery process. Seniors should focus on safe physical activities and gradually increase their activity as their abilities grow stronger. A long-term care provider can help seniors follow a safe and effective exercise routine during recovery.

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