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Dementia Care: Tips for Successful Communication

Dementia is a general term for memory loss and problems with language and thinking abilities that interfere with daily life. When a loved one is diagnosed with dementia, navigating dementia care can be a challenge. A big part of caring for and supporting your loved one is learning how to communicate effectively as the disease progresses.

As a Medicaid home care provider, we will share tips for successful communication:

  • Set a positive mood for conversation.
    Your body language communicates thoughts more strongly than words do. Increase the chances of successful communication by setting a positive mood. Speak in a pleasant, respectful manner and use facial experiences and tone of voice to help convey your message.
  • Ask simple questions.
    A senior care provider can help your loved one communicate their needs by asking simple, answerable questions. Ask one question at a time and ask questions with yes or no answers. Refrain from giving too many choices to prevent overwhelming your loved one.
  • Capture the person’s attention.
    Before initiating a conversation, limit distractions. Make sure you have your loved one’s full attention. This may entail identifying yourself by name and relation, addressing them by name, and using non-verbal cues to help keep them focused.
  • Break down challenging activities.
    A respite care provider can make challenging tasks easier by breaking them down into smaller tasks. Doing so will encourage your loved one to do what they can. Visual cues can also be helpful in accomplishing daily tasks.

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