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Housekeeping Tips to Prevent Falls

Falls are a serious matter. According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in the US, experiencing falls is the leading cause of injury for older adults aged 65 and up. The numbers also show that one out of five falls results in an injury such as a broken bone. As a provider of medicare and home care in Broward, Florida, we aim to provide some help to keep our seniors safer.

As part of our senior care services, we ensure that your senior loved ones are properly assisted and supervised to ensure their safety. From having a constant companion, here are other helpful suggestions for seniors to be safe from falls:

  • Talk to your doctor

    The first step in a good fall prevention plan is to talk with your doctor about your risks, previous fall experience, and health condition. Our non-medical transportation services can accompany seniors to doctor’s appointments.

  • Be physically active

    Health experts say that doing exercises that improve a senior’s strength, balance, and flexibility can help prevent falls. Our non-medical home care can assist when our senior client does exercises or takes daily walks to improve their health.

  • Keep your home tidy

    Make sure the pathways in the house are free from clutter; tripping hazards save seniors from falls. Our medicaid home care services include homemaking services to keep the senior’s home clean and tidy.

Loving Arms Home Care Services can keep your seniors safe from falls through our homemaking and companionship services. We also provide veterans aid and attendant in Broward, Florida, for our dear veterans who need care and daily support.

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