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What Are the Warning Signs of Dementia?

Dementia is a general term defined by the impaired ability to make decisions, think, or remember that interferes with everyday activities. Disorders grouped under the general term are caused by abnormal brain changes with many conditions being progressive. This means that the signs start slowly and gradually worsen. Hence, a senior with dementia will require senior or veteran care to help with their daily needs.

As a trusted non-medical home care provider, we will discuss the warning signs of dementia:

  • Memory loss

    Although it’s normal to occasionally forget doctor’s appointments or birthdays and remember them later, a person with dementia may forget things more often and not even remember them at all.

  • Difficulty with tasks

    People can get distracted and may forget to serve part of a meal or perform a certain task. However, a person with dementia will have difficulty with all the steps involved in preparing a meal and will find difficulty with once-familiar tasks.

  • Language problems

    Having difficulty finding the right words sometimes is normal but a person with dementia will forget simple words. They may also substitute inappropriate words which makes them difficult to understand. They may also have difficulty understanding others.

  • Disorientation

    A person with dementia may find it challenging to find their way to a once familiar place. They may also feel confused about where they are or think they are in some past time of their life.

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