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Tell-Tale Signs that Hint to a Need for a Companion

Who or what is a companion?

A companion can mean differently to each of us, but we share the same preferred outcome. Having a companion makes the experience a little “lighter” and more “alive.” Our senior loved ones and other vulnerable family members can significantly benefit from having a companion.

While getting a companion may not bring the same results in every case, there are signs when having one makes sense. If you have observed these, it may be the ideal time to schedule a consultation with your non-medical home care provider to discuss your available options.

  • Loneliness and feeling isolated

    When seniors and homebound family members are left alone, the loneliness can make them feel bad. Fill the space with someone they can connect with so they can enjoy their company.

  • Anxiety towards (almost) everything

    When seniors feel unsure and constantly worried about getting their meds right or doing a task correctly, having someone over for assurance can give them peace of mind.

  • Boredom and lack of energy 

    Activities (and chores) are more fun when you do these with someone. Give your loved ones great engagement even when they stay at home.

Long-term care solutions should deliver the results you need. That is only possible by receiving support from trusted providers of medicare and home care in Broward, Florida.

LOVING ARMS HOME CARE SERVICES extends compassionate care to every family member—including our veterans availing of our veteran care service. Call us today to get started.

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