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Adapting to Changes Following Alzheimer’s

Receiving news such as your loved one being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease is overwhelming. For certain, you and your family may need to take some time to regain your proper footing and tread the situation in a more manageable manner. Thankfully, LOVING ARMS HOME CARE SERVICES offers support for every change you may face.

  • Taking Care of Your Loved One
    Seeking professional help from our Medicare and home care in Broward, Florida is one of the best ways to properly face the situation. Besides being an effective solution to the upcoming changes in your family, such services are also cost-effective, saving you a fortune for the months or years to come.
  • Keeping Your Loved One Safe At Home
    By taking advantage of Medicare, you can give your loved one the non-medical home care that they need while you may be away for work or other responsibilities. Under our caregiver’s supervision, your loved one stays safe and accompanied at home.
  • Taking Your Loved One to Places
    Transportation can also be another challenging change for the family. If there are no vehicles available for your loved one with Alzheimer’s, you can easily arrange our non-medical transportation. We can drive you and your loved one to doctor’s appointments and to social gatherings comfortably.
  • Managing Your Health as a Family Caregiver
    Although you may gain support from our home careservices, looking after a loved one living with Alzheimer’s can be exhausting.

Caregiver burnout is real. This is why we offer respite care to help you take a break and recharge, without the guilt of leaving your loved one behind. We will care for them in your place, so you can relax peacefully.

Are you looking for senior care services in Florida? Don’t hesitate to connect with us!

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